Yoga teacher

Become a yoga teacher online!

Eklavya is a 3 months long course designed by Indeayoga for aspiring yoga teachers, to become so at the convenience of their homes. It calls out to those practitioners who are consistent with their practice, and wants to impart the same onto many others. Nevertheless it is also suitable for people who just want to deepen their practice. It is a combination of both active and passive online learning, at the completion of which one may be recognized as a certified yoga teacher.

The course covers technicalities of asanas, basic anatomy and yoga philosophy (the first and second chapter of the Yoga Sutras). The students will also be provided with an opportunity to lead a class from time to time, so as to nurture their teaching skills. Regular feedback will be given individually and the progress will be tracked from time to time.

Course Highlights


Exclusive Video content
Daily and weekly LIVE sessions
Indeayoga manual - Softcopy
Constant Support from teachers
Yoga Alliance and Indeayoga certification