Bharatha Yoga

ABOUT Bharatha Yoga

Indea’ is a combination of two words, where ‘In’ refers to inner and ‘Dea’ is light. When put together, ‘Indea’ means ‘Inner Light’. Yoga personifies the journey of moving from external darkness to inner light. This concept is inspired by the Shanti Mantra from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad : “Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya” which translates to ‘lead me from darkness to inner light.

At Bharatha Yoga we invite practitioners to observe themselves and reflect back. When one develops the patience and determination to practice consistently and regularly, improvements in the physical body are a natural outcome. Through Ashtanga yoga classes and hatha yoga classes we emphasize the importance of overall physical and mental well-being. This desire to see everyone achieve the full benefit of a holistic yogic practice gave birth to the Bharatha Yoga vision.

"Health and bliss for all"

It is very ironic that the state of being healthy is the fundamental need of any human being, also the ultimate goal of life. When one is in their best state, both physically and mentally, happiness is a natural outcome.

The key tool for this is developing mindfulness.

"To create teachers globally who can help people to experience healing and eternal happiness by being mindful."

In order to address this issue and make self-healing available to all, Indeayoga aims to establish contemporary Bharatha Yogashalas across the globe with well-trained Yoga shikshakas (teachers) under the guidance of Acharya Bharat Shetty and provide continuous support to all, by ensuring that their learning, technique and practice is up-to-date, in addition to providing guidance on how to maintain ideal Bharatha Yoga shala ambience.

Bharatha Yoga PRACTICE

At Bharatha Yoga we believe in an educative approach to ashtanga yoga and hatha yoga; where students understand the technical aspects and philosophy of yoga to help guide them better. We believe that through step-by-step, thorough teachings of ashtanga vinyasa yoga, we can help individuals gain the in-depth knowledge that can help them improve their physical and mental health.

Acharya Bharat Shetty has designed multiple series and sequences for his students, based on traditional texts, his learning from his gurus, and in large part his own extensive personal study and experience of over three decades.

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