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* Before registration students must ensure that they meet the minimum prerequisites for the applied course.

* The deposit is non-refundable. In case of an emergency, You may postpone your booking fee to another month within a year of the application date. Before your postponement is processed, you must reconfirm the available date with us. This is allowed one time per person. This must be done at least 2 months before the start date of your course.

 * The payer as to bear if any transaction fee levied bank.

* Students are responsible for travel arrangements ( we could arrange a cab facility with additional cost)

* Bharatha Yoga reserves the right to refuse admission to trainings, workshops or retreats.

* Discuss the course you are interested in before registration.

* Course balance to be paid at the time of registration before the course starts.

* Please join the course only if you are really interested and belief in the system of Bharatha Yoga.

* Mandatory Dress Code – Moderate.

* Maintain Silence in the institution premises.

* A decent and dignified behavior is expected from all students. Once inside the premises, loud speaking, hugging your partner, speaking indecent words and the practice of other systems are strictly prohibited.

* Be Regular & Punctual. Follow the class timings precisely. Delay of more than two classes in a month will lead to their dismissal.

* In case you are unable to attend your class, please inform us well in advance.

* No any kind of disobedience is allowed.

* All doubts, questions, complaints, suggestions etc. should be discussed with teacher in a polite way at an appropriate time.

* Do not talk during the class. Leave the practice room within 5 minutes after finishing your class.

* Please do not touch your teacher for any reason or use their belongings in any way.

* Respect your teacher & course mates during & after the class.

* Students must ensure the protection of Bharatha Yoga’s copyrights.

* Student shall neither distribute nor permit a third party to copy or distribute any of Bharatha Yoga’s Training materials.

* Student is not authorized to re-sell seats of Bharatha Yoga’s Training Program’s.

* Bharatha Yoga reserves the right to disconnect students who permit access to unregistered students.

* Bharatha Yoga assumes no responsibility for losses from nonrefundable travel arrangement resulting from denial of a student’s participation due to any reason.

* Duplicate copy of RYT Certificate will cost $100 with a request letter.

* If I am not abiding by these terms, the Director of Bharatha Yoga reserves the right to take action. I am happy & understood. By clicking Submit you agree to our Terms and Condition