Mysore style yoga classes run throughout the whole year at Bharatha Yoga. The practice is a personalized way of guiding a student in their yoga journey. It derives its name from the southern city of Mysuru (previously known as Mysore) in India, where it originates from.

Mysore Style yoga sessions build your self-practice, with the guidance and support from a teacher. While you may still choose to attend group yoga classes, after this course you will be able to practice in a technically correct manner at home, independent of an instructor.

When you sign up for the Mysore style yoga morning classes, you’re committing yourself to a minimum of one month course where you can opt to attend 2 yoga classes per day, where the second session is a group led class. These classes are a great preparation for anyone willing to do a TTC course at Bharatha Yoga in the future, where students can get used to the Bharatha Yoga sequences and get mentally prepared for the course. Students can choose between our own Bharatha Yoga accommodation and food or choose to go somewhere else. For the greatest benefit of our students and their focus and clear mind we recommend them to come and stay in our school for the duration of the course where they can enjoy freshly prepared vegetarian sattvic meals three times per day.

At Bharatha Yoga, the Mysore style yoga classes are conducted mainly for yoga therapy: Hatha yoga – Beginner series, Preparatory series, Foundation series, and Ashtanga vinyasa – Primary series, Intermediate series and Advanced Series.

The classes are different from the regular practices we are so accustomed to practicing, where a lot of asana are given by the teacher in an order and dynamic of his/hers choice. The format of teaching is ideal when most of the practitioners in the class are aware of the correct technique of mounting, staying in the posture and dismounting from the posture. 

Depending on the level of experience of the student, an explanation of the yoga sequences will be given by the teachers at Bharatha Yoga. Beginners are also welcome to these Mysore style yoga courses. 

mysore style yoga session

Key Highlights

Mysore style

  • Prior to starting the Mysore Style yoga classes, the student discusses their focus or improvement area with the instructor.
  • Basis the students’ focus and development area, a customised sequence of asanas are given to the student for practice.
  • Students practice their individual sequence of asanas at their own pace.
  • The teacher assists each student individually by giving physical adjustments and verbal instructions as they observe the practice.
  • Thus, these are not the typical instructor led classes that are regularly conducted at fitness/yoga centers.
  • Multiple students with different backgrounds, proficiency levels and needs practice their custom asana sequences side by side.
  • Hence, beginners to yoga, those with health issues, experienced students looking to deepen their practice, senior citizens all practice their individual routines together.
  • Once comfortable with the routine, the student is ready to self-practice at home or in a group class.
  • Mysore Style classes compliment and do not compete With ‘Led’ yoga classes .
  • Mysore style classes are a great option for anyone planning to do their TTC at Bharatha Yoga in the future.





Course Highlights:

Teacher: Bharatha Yoga experienced teacher(sequence will be prepared by Bharat Ji)

Classes Dates :

  • 1st November to   28th November 2023
  • 3rd January to 30th January 2024
  • 1st February to 28th February 2024


Morning session: 6.00 am to 7.30 am

Evening session: 5.00 pm – 6.00 pm

Fees for month:

1 session per day: 8,000 INR (Plus tax)

2 sessions per day: 12,000 INR (Plus tax)

Accommodation and food(optional): 

Single room occupancy & food: 25,000 INR

Shared room occupancy & food: 19,000 INR

Location: Yoga Dhama


Laghutvam encourages mindfulness practices, both on and off the mat.  “Bharat sir’s  Laghutvam class is not just about improving flexibility and strength; it’s a path to self-discovery and inner wisdom.


Course Highlights:

Teacher: Bharat Ji

Classes Dates : Only 3 months in 2024

  • 3rd January to 30th January 2024
  • 1st February to 28th February 2024
  • 3rd  March to 30th March 2024


 1st Batch: 5.30 am to 7.00 am

 2nd  Batch: 7.30 am to 9.30 am

Fees for a month:

 300$  (Including tax)

Register and book your seat by paying an advance of  100$

Accommodation and food(optional): 

Single room occupancy & food: 25,000 INR

Shared room occupancy & food: 19,000 INR

Location: Yoga Dhama

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