Why Mysore Style Yoga is the Future?

If you are new to yoga, you must be wondering what Mysore style Yoga is?

If you have done some research about yoga, or seen some posters on Instagram, you must’ve heard of Led classes and Mysore style Yoga classes. Let’s decode these two styles of yoga in this blog.

Led Classes

These are group classes where the sequence is led by a teacher. The sequence is designed commonly for all the students attending the classes. These classes go in a flow, transitioning from one asana to another. All the students attending the session, practice the same asanas that are guided by the teacher.

Similar level of practitioners are grouped usually for these classes, so that it becomes easy for the teacher to guide the class in a flow. Anyone with ailments, health conditions, are suggested to avoid these sessions to minimize the chances of complications.

Here’s what a typical Led class looks like:

Mysore Style Yoga Classes

These are group classes with individualized sequence, as per the student's goal and requirement. Teachers guide the students through a sequence of asanas that are specific to the student, keeping in mind their-

  • intent for the practice
  • level of practice
  • health conditions
  • body type

All levels of practitioner can be a part of the Mysore style class group, each with their own separate sequence to work with. This gives freedom for a teacher to take practitioners from one level to another easily. It helps a student to work at their comfortable pace without focusing on other's practice.

Why do we think Mysore Style Yoga is the future?

Mysore style classes give liberty for practitioners of all levels to play with their strengths, and work on their weaknesses. Every body and everybody is different. We all react to the same asanas differently. Some of us are flexible, some are strong, some good in arm balances, while some of us struggle with it. As we all fall into different level of practices, we need less attention in asanas we are comfortable with, whereas we need more assistance and understanding of certain asanas. Handling these becomes easy in Mysore style classes.

When we look at practitioners from different age groups, we surely find all of us having different intentions from our practice. For someone young, it's probably about asana aspect of yoga practice, but for someone elderly, it's less asana, more spiritual practice. Some of us work on body, some on breath, and some on mind. Mysore style gives room for teachers to accommodate all kinds of students in one batch, and guide them through their journey of yoga.

Most Led classes become a form of entertainment, whereas Mysore style is more of educating and guiding the students into their practice. It provides a good foundation, and grounds the student's practice. It's easier to observe a student's progress, and gradually improve their practice. Students might feel that their progress is slow, but with consistent practice, they'll see the grounding in their practice.

How is Mysore style beneficial for Teachers?

  • You can accommodate students from different levels of practices in one group.
  • You can teach students with different ailments at the same time, as they have their own sequences.
  • It becomes easier to track a student's progress.
  • You will find the real purpose of your teaching. The intention and principles of Mysore style aligns with your goal.
  • The pattern of classes are for long-term and are sustainable.
  • No additional marketing required- students stay for longer duration if they are able to connect with you
  • The student to teacher ratio can be up to 12:1 for offline classes.
  • Avoid drop-in sessions- encourage regular practicing.
why mysore style is the future

How is Mysore style Yoga beneficial for Students?

  • Practice is well within their limits, without forcing or rushing into any asana.
  • Sequences are personalized keeping each individual in mind.
  • Duration of the practice can be decided based on their availability, and energy levels.
  • Slow but solid and consistent growth in the practice.
  • Promotes focus on themselves, and improves commitment to the practice.
  • No comparison to other students.
  • Any fluctuation in the mind or body, the teacher will be available to guide you throughout the practice.

Still wondering how Mysore style works? Thinking if you'll enjoy practicing in this format?

Try it out and decide for yourself. Begin your yoga practice at Indea Yoga today!

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