How to Prepare for Yoga Teacher Training Course ?

Are you a beginner at yoga? Or maybe someone who is struggling with keeping up with the more challenging and dynamic practices? Do you wish to prepare yourself from the comfort of your home for your TTC (Teacher Training Course) Level 1 at Bharatha Yoga? If both answers were Yes!,  than you may find our YouTube Channel very helpful.

In Bharatha Yoga we don’t force our bodies into doing asanas. With great connection between movement and breath, we move from each asana to the next with lightness and ease. By applying a proper manner and correct preparation, the asanas are becoming even more beneficial for your health. Whenever you struggle with a sequence or one particular asana, take one step back and work gradually.

“Asanas bring perfection in body, beauty in form, grace, strength, compactness, and the brilliance of a diamond.” – Patanjali 

Beginner Series:

Beginners yoga program is also known as Bharatha Yoga Arogya Series, or Yoga Therapy Series. It’s a simple practice suitable for students of all age groups, as It provides great healing for the body and mind. The series begin with a gentle joint movement, which relieves the nervous system, improves circulation, releases tension and improves flexibility. It continues with few standing breathing techniques, back movements and supine practices. Practice this led class until you become comfortable with the techniques before moving on to the next series.

Preparatory  Series: 

In continuation of the Beginner Series, move on to practice the Preparatory Series led class from the Bharatha Yoga YouTube channel. This beginners yoga class for holistic health is deigned by Bharat Shetty to help people do their practice from the comfort of their home.

With this more advanced asanas you will gain more confidence and you can achieve great balance of the breath as well as awareness of the body. You can practice these series in your regular morning practice time for as long as you feel your body needs to unlock itself and give in to the practice with ease. Any practitioner of more advanced series that feels overwhelmed or feels the body weak, can do the Preparatory Series to give the body more space to regain its strength.

Once you feel comfortable you can try the next videos available on our YouTube channel and move on to more advanced practice. You have to be able to perform 80% of this series as a requirement for the TTC Level 1 at Bharatha Yoga.

Hatha Foundation Series/Ashtanga Primary Series: 

Foundation Series:

Depending on your preference, you can continue to practice the main Foundation/Primary series that are going to be fully covered in your Hatha/Ashtanga Teacher Training Level 1 in Bharatha Yoga. Gradually work your way through the asanas until you feel your body comfortable with each movement.

The above videos are full Bharatha Yoga Hatha Foundation/Ashtanga Primary Series led class taken by Acharya Bharat Shetty. This full sequence is great for self-practice and for preparing for the TTC Level 1at Bharatha Yoga. You have to be able to perform 60% of the Hatha/Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series prior to your Yoga Teacher training Level 1 at Bharatha Yoga.

Acharya Bharat Shetty diligently designed multiple series and sequences for his students. They are all based on traditional texts, also his learning from his gurus, and in large part his own extensive personal studies and experience.

Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series:

At Bharatha Yoga, we believe in a steady progress of asana practice. From basic to advanced, this allows the body to strengthen and grow without injuries. For Both Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course one need to practice before applying the course. any support you need you can contact +91 9886091291 or also practice with Bharatha Yoga Online Classes Check Online.Bharatha Yoga.Com

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