20 minutes Daily Vinyasa Yoga flow as Active Meditation

Meditating via vinyasa.

What is meditation?

Meditation is concentration without effort. The moment you can concentrate on something without trying to or without putting in the effort, you are in the momentum. As you build your practice, there will come a time when you reach a point of quietness. “Quietness” not as a shut down or nothingness; practically speaking, it would be a widespread low activation of the brain. Meditation, in initial stages, is nothing but widespread brain activation in a low and coherent level – the point where you are self-aware & probably even self-controlled.
In theory it all sounds easy but as you sit down to practice, the thought stream starts its enchantment. “What to make for dinner?” “Why are my eyes flickering?” “Am i even doing it right?” All these questions, and then their answers, start to leave their trail as we move into the daydreams.

Now, how to do meditation properly?

We can talk about two ways.

One: We stay committed, day after day, come back to the mat. Sit and try to meditate. Bring that concentration, bring that focus, that undeterred flow of one-pointedness. Believe me, it will happen one day. With the amount of persistence & perseverance that would have gone into the process, you would have already come out as a divine being.

But for most of us, this challenging path pulls us away from even trying on the second day. But sitting meditation is not the only meditation.

Two: Active meditation. Any activity in which you can fully submerge yourself is your active meditation. A dancer fully immersed into their dancing, an artist fully immersed in their art making, a driver fully immersed into the driving experience – all these are active meditations. If you have the power to be immersed in these experiences without trying, then you have reached a stage of one pointed focus. For those of us who cannot seem to find ‘the’ art, Vinyasa flow can be of help. Not just in meditating, it may even help in developing an art. 

The 20 min Vinyasa flow is for intermediate practitioners who wish to develop a deeper routine practice but are generally short of time. This flow can even be practiced daily to build mindfulness which helps in releasing stress and increasing concentration. Originally, it is a quick-to-do version based on Bharatha Yoga Primary series. You can find the link to the whole series at the bottom of this page.

How does vinyasa benefit?
(besides meditation)

Keeps the practitioner motivated through the practice and throughout the day.

Makes it easy for beginners to build concentration and practice (active) meditation.

Building stamina and energy.

Better breathing – (eventually reducing respiratory disorders).

Dynamic practice which builds strength and mobility in all muscles and joints (improve weak legs, shape up arms and thighs, build core strength).

Relieves backaches with its dynamic spine extensions and twists.

Relieving physical and mental stress – (anxiety issue).

Helps build immunity, especially in times of novel Coronavirus – Covid 19.

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