HIP OPENING – How to build hip strength & mobility. And WHY | Bonus 30 min home Yoga practice

by Vani Juneja

Have you ever had issues with sciatica nerve or a bulge in the disc? Then you will get the point! You’ve been there. You’ve felt that pain over and over again. You know how it limits you in basic day to day activities, and takes away the joy from life. Here is what can help you and everyone who is trying to build some mobility in the hips. Hip opening is your way to develop strength and mobility in not just the body but also the mind. Read on to find how.

Relevance of Hip opening, balancing, & back strengthening:

Generally, the limitations that you face are not just because of one condition. All the other little conditions are actually clubbed with it, together doing their play. Many-a-times we do not take the smaller issues very seriously. It will be useful to know that even a small imbalance in the body can impact it in unfathomable ways. It is then when it bundles up and becomes a problem in the long run.

Think about it! If you have a bad posture, it can start affecting your spine making it vulnerable enough to invite problems. Unless you are aware of the bad posture, it will start impacting everything inside out. For example, whenever the back will be rounded, the organs will be cramped up putting unwanted pressure on each other. Simultaneously, the weight of the head would start to create pressure in the neck. So along with gastric issues, cervical spondylitis could start to develop. Now who would even connect these problems in real life? Similarly, if you have sciatic nerve tension, the posture gets impacted because you avoid painful positions. This leads to over-dependence on the other side of the body. But not many would link those two very easily.


Why is hip opening important?

Now why did this sciatic nerve tension even occur? When did the posture start to degrade? All of this must have happened because of certain situations in life. It cannot just occur without a cause.
You will be surprised to know that besides some instances that directly impact the posture (e.g. indulgence with technology and the ‘ease’ of living that it provides), there are other instances which indirectly impact the posture (e.g. weakness in the body, or inferiority complex that may have developed as a result of childhood trauma). In other words – physical or mental stress accumulation disturbs us in known and unknown ways. Some science has discovered, and some still lie in oblivion. But what we know is that one place in the body that tends to store all this stress is – hips.


In yogic theory, we talk about holding emotions and stresses in mind and body alike. The hips (and the shoulders) hold most tension for us. These actually are the most used parts of our body for all actions but get very less attention than deserved. Overtime, when the mobility gets reduced (due to sedentary lifestyle or psychological causes), stiffness starts to develop, tension starts to accumulate and then the circle goes on.

Hip opening and back bending is a crucial part of the yoga asana practice. As one goes deeper one must be fully aware of what they are demanding from their muscles, joints, and body as a whole.

Try this Yoga flow for hip mobility & strength

This Sequence is your own personal home yoga practice.

These asanas will maximize the movements of the spine, strengthen your abdominals, and release your back muscles.

It is definitely for you if:

  • You are looking for a dynamic class which works on hip opening and strengthening.
  • You want to incorporate advanced balancing into your daily yoga practice.
  • You want to prepare for new backbends.
    You are a serious practitioner but not finding the time to practice.
  • Your yoga abhyasa (practice) needs a new direction.
  • You are exploring something beyond your usual yoga sequence.
  • You are a yoga teacher looking for new ideas for your next yoga sequence.
  • You are looking for a change from vinyasa yoga or any other style.
  • You wish to develop concentration and focus.
  • You wish to lose any extra fat from hips, thighs and back.
  • You wish to sweat with a challenging yoga session today.
  • You wish to go out of your comfort zone today.
Too challenging for you?

No worries! If hip opening sequence is challenging for you, begin with this beginner sequence until your body gets ready for it.

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