How to lose weight – with YOGA

Is there any Yoga for weight loss?
Can Yoga help in weight loss?
HOW to lose weight with YOGA?

Weight loss! It is the most discussed phenomena, yet the least worked upon. Everyone is tired of carrying the extra baggage and the problems it brings along with, but no one is really ready to work on it & make it go. Why is that? And how can we change that?

Well, before that, we need to know…

Why you might be gaining weight?

To put it simply, it is never one cause. It is a combination of smaller instances and habits. Overthinking, stress, stress eating, binge eating, junk food, going against the circadian rhythm, overloading the body, over sleeping or lack of sleep, intoxicating (drugs and alcohol), some types of medications, organ disfunction, water retention – all of these directly or indirectly contribute to weight gain disorder.

We think we are working long hours and making good money, progressing a lot in life, but we forget that it is also costing us our health (and probably peace of mind as well). Do not forget that what we feed our body, it processes the same thing and then gives out the output accordingly. You cannot expect the body to have healthy muscles if you are only feeding it processed food and unbalanced diet. Similarly, if you have unhealthy sleeping habits or too much stress, the body reciprocates in the form of certain imbalances in the body, one of them being “overweight”.
So if you think only dieting alone can shed some kilos, know that it is only going to help you in the short run. If you really want to lose weight, you need to dig deeper.

What overweight does?

(Effects of Obesity on body and mind)

Overweight or obesity can put you in physical as well as emotional barriers. Diabetes, gastritis, pregnancy complications, thyroid issues, breathlessness or even heart strokes – obesity makes the body a house for various diseases and also can have a profound effect on your mental health. Due to blockages, the less blood flow to the brain can lead to mal-functioning, increased risk of anxiety/stress, or even poor self esteem.

But did you notice, issues like ‘stress’ & ‘thyroid’ are causes as well as effects of obesity which means we are looking at a continuous loop. For example, obesity can cause overload on the body leading to stress on the body. This could result in stress eating or overloading, which can lead to further overweight, and hormonal issues.

It could get challenging to break that cycle. Now this could be the reason that ‘weight reduction’ or ‘fat loss’ is the least worked upon phenomena. It’s challenging and taxing to break a loop. When there is a long and hard way to go, it is easier to fall in the trap of procrastination and demotivation. Even with 2 weeks of persistent efforts when you don’t see the results, it breaks you, doesn’t it?

What to do?

Can yoga help in weight loss?

Yes, Yoga can save you!

Yoga can be that tool which can help you break this cycle with its humble yet powerful approach. What Yoga is, is a blend of physical, mental, and breathing practices which, if coordinated well, can be your daily dose of health, happiness, and prosperity. All the imbalances and the extremities in the body can be brought to center, fostering a completely comfortable state of health and bliss. All that is required is persistence and perseverance (which is easier said than done).

How much time does Yoga take in losing weight?

It is not that yoga works slowly, it is just that yoga works internally first; cleaning up the roots, then steadily revamping the whole system. If you closely observe your practice, you will start to see the changes on the first day itself – you will feel a little lighter, the breath might flow smoother, you may feel good about yourself. If you practice regularly and consistently, you will develop an understanding of how these subtle changes lead to more gross and bigger changes in the system. Your energy levels will improve, lungs capacity will increase, the sleeping pattern will start to set.

Eventually with your practice becoming stronger, you will see the fat breaking, the body toning, the hair shining, and the thoughts clearer. Remember, Yoga does not aim at losing weight. Losing weight is a part of the process while integrating the body-breath-mind together. And when you work in this manner, the excess weight never comes back. The body becomes healthy and the mind becomes calm. With this presence and the body-breath-mind coordination, one can reach a blissful living. That’s what the aim is at Indea Yoga.

What do you need to do to lose weight?

Firstly, accept that this weight gain did not happen overnight. So cannot lose it overnight. The internal factors that lead to this weight gain needs to be found and attacked. And for that to happen you really need to give yourself time, and work persistently.

Secondly, start small but stay steady. You might be fully motivated with your resolution to lose weight and you want to do it all the very next day. You wake up 4 hours early, exercise, make healthy food and eat, and then do your daily chores. Pheww! For a Day 1 that sounds great. But to keep up with ‘this’ level of motivation everyday, will easily drains you out. Rather, take one step at a time, let the body get acclimatized to it, and build on it. Let it be a process more than a destination. The more holistically you work, the better results you can yield.

Lastly, do not worry or do not give up. These two things slow us down. Believe in yourself and the process. Rest will be taken care of by the subconscious.

Hoping this fills you up with encouragement and further more reason to start your weight-loss , or to say good-health journey. Start slow but lead steadily, and you shall find your way to happiness.

Wondering where to start? We’ve got you covered.

This weight loss sequence is build by Yogacharya Bharath Shetty, founder of Indea Yoga. Indea Yoga's aim is to bring health and bliss to each individual and that is what is propagated via this video. Try these yoga practices for easy and effective weight loss.

This is Yoga for beginners to reduce belly fat.
You might be looking for power packed yoga but we recommend you to build up your practice first, rather than fight and go overboard. For quick weight loss, manage the eating and sleeping habits along with starting yoga asana practice.

Yoga for Weight Loss at Home:

If you are a complete beginner and looking for a shorter practice, you can learn asanas with this video:

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If you aren't self motivated to do this on your own, we totally understand it. Hence we have group classes that can pump you up, and get you up to speed with your practice. You can check our programs here.

Practice daily!

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