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You know how it feels when your body limits you to work, play or move. It completely takes away the fun from life. From the smallest of ankle pain to the most problematic back pain, any kind of physical limitation in the body is not good to keep. But how to overcome this limitations and live healthier?

Here is a follow along yoga video with Bharatha Yoga's founder, Bharath Shetty, which can help you to release stiffnesses and pains from the body to overcome the limitations. It not only works on physical stiffness but also on respiration, strengthening the nervous system, releasing emotional tensions from the body, making your life easier and happier and enables you to live healthier.

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Where are we lacking in our journey to health?

Wellbeing is our birthright. But for a decade now, with the advent of disposable luxury-income and the internet, we have allowed ourselves to get over-consumed by our environment. on the other hand 'slogging' at work is now common vocabulary. Life has become a constant race where nobody is winning (except FMCGs and Media houses, of course) and now everybody is realising that. We are finally asking ourselves, What mistake did I make? This is exactly what i dreamt of when i was 21. Big car, big house, beautiful spouse, passionate job, extravagant income. What is missing in my life? Even inside these riches, the soul is unhappy, dissatisfied, hollowed by this high powered life.

This type of approach in life has probably led to this downfall. We stopped watching the rain drops hitting the surface of our windows, we stopped making shadows arts on the wall, we stopped taking a step back and inhaling the present moment. Amidst all of this, we stopped living, didn't we? And mind you, this downfall is not just manifesting as back pain or migraine, it is now minutely interacting with and affecting our sleeping pattern, our thinking pattern, our relationships, our emotional state, and even our consciousness (if anything of that still remains). What are we really earning a 'living' for? To increase our bank balance? Is that what our life is made up of? BANK BALANCE?!

What can we do to make our body and mind overcome limitations and live healthier?

If you really want to come out of this weird type of living, you will need to make some fundamental ‘lifestyle’ modifications in the way you see or do things. If you are persistent and dedicated in improving your living, those modifications that you make will slowly and steadily creep into all aspects of life and bring about a positive holistic change in your being. It is challenging, and you will lose hope on the way, but remember your purpose - you wish to wake up and experience the beauty of this life without any limitations in your body or mind which could be disturbing your presence there as the sun shines on you. Practically speaking, you’d want relief from all your pains and troubles and want to live comfortably without any physical restrictions.


Lifestyle modification STEP 1:
Sleep well, eat right, exercise daily.

Deja Vu? Cliché? A lot of people must have told you all of these before. But tell me, have you really tried it consistently for 21 days? If not, then you have not experience the power of discipline and regularity. Your body is powerful. All it needs is ATTENTION in the form of rest, food, space(time), and consistency.

But how to change my life, you may ask.

Try this for 21 days:

1. Stop using your phone/gadgets 30 min before going to bed. (read a book instead)
2. Avoid using your gadgets 30 min After waking up (make a mental note of your thoughts instead)
3. Eat at fixed times and eat similar portions everyday (the body learns your eating habits. e.g. heavy breakfast, light supper everyday)
4. (You've been avoiding this one for long now) Exercise. Or do yoga.

We have one word for it: PRACTICE. This practice is not aimed at sculpting or curing, it is aimed at building your mind and body power, rest everything is just a bi-product.

I hope I do not need to elaborate much on these simple yet powerful techniques to overcome physical limitations. Remember, only exercise, only rest, or only diet can never bring the best output. It needs to be a blend of all of the parts. Its Step 1. Do it with persistence and perseverance and you will discover the next step (STEP2) on your own. If not, We will be back with more insights.

Daily yoga for beginners - PART 2

This sequence is for you if:

1. If you are a beginner in yoga and looking for the correct way of practicing yoga to live healthier and overcome limitations
2. If you want to release the stiffness or pain from the neck, back, or shoulders.
3. If you are new to yoga but want to work on losing some kilos (yoga for weight loss).
3. If you are looking to build up your yoga practice from the scratch.
4. If you are tired of back pains and our looking for alternate ways to heal and cure it.
5. If you have digestion related issues and wish to get relief.

What to expect from this sequence and how to prepare?

  • The Bharatha Yoga legacy sequence is going to help you to inculcate strength in the body and eventually the mind. These easy yoga exercises release the stiffness from the muscles, giving you more mobility for day to day activities.
  • Not just that, this sequence also aims to make the breath smoother, and ease the flow of thoughts, but that's only with a regular and consistent practice.
  • When you try this sequence, make sure you are on an empty stomach, in a spacious room, comfortable clothes, and an empty mind.
  • If you are practicing Yoga for the first time, do not aim at doing everything in the first go. Give yourself the time to get used to the sequence and gradually build the count. It is also advised to do the part 1 of this series first. It is the most simple and best yoga to relieve stress.
  • Ensure to breathe naturally at all times unless otherwise specified.

Remember, when we work strongly and consistently - we grow.

All the best, and let us know in comments how you felt after completing the practice. 

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